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Military Cases from Hofbauer

Posted 11th March 2019 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

When it comes to the military, there is no compromise on quality, and it is vital that you have the best security and strength possible. Here at Hofbauer, we have an extensive range of military cases and shipping containers for professionals working in this sensitive area. We take safety and security very seriously, as we know the value it has within this field, so you can rest assured this is the case when you buy from us.

Key Features

Whichever model of military case you opt for, for your peace of mind, we can tell you that all of the field equipment and service tool cases offer optimum protection. They are designed to withstand any issues you may come across when transporting military equipment. Explore our range further to find out which specific features will suit your purpose, as each has its own special benefits to help in different circumstances and environments. You may need a case that is easy to access yet offers protection from rough handling, or you may require a portable design for situations where you need to transport it between many different places. Read more...

Everything you need to know about our Peli Cases

Posted 11th March 2019 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Here at Hofbauer, we specialise in providing our customers with the most robust options when it comes to cases, which is why we offer a wide range of Pelican cases, otherwise known as Peli cases. The brand known as Pelican was founded in 1976, and the Peli brand extended from this when the business grew into the European market in 1997. The brand offers a distinctive case that is incomparable to others of its kind.

What is a Peli Case?

Since its inception, the Peli Case has become known for its unique brand of plastic-injection moulded technology. This enables the cases to offer the highest level of protection, including numerous benefits that make it built to protect. In general, you can expect these cases to be strong, with high-impact resistance, dust protection, and chemical resistance. They also benefit from a IP67 level of water resistance, which translates to the ability to be dropped into water a meter deep for half an hour without it impacting on the contents. This is indicated by the number 7, and the number 6 indicates that it offers protection from dust. Read more...