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Military cases with an elite level of protection

Our range of military storage cases is approved by NATO and tested to provide the ultimate protection for the items contained in the case, being able to withstand extreme weather conditions, environments, and severe impacts.

Specialist technology has been incorporated into the design of our military shipping cases to make them entirely water-resistant and dust, moisture, and chemical-proof.

Military Cases

Military cases for all operations

Whether it’s the Armed Forces, RAF, Royal Marines, or Navy, no two days are the same – that’s why each military equipment case has its own specialist features to assist in different military applications, missions, and environments.

See how our protective cases are suited to various operations below:

Medical and aid

Response to emergencies outside the base or in the field has to be quick and smooth to ensure comrades receive the treatment they need. The Peli™ Micro Case is perfect for the job, being much more compact for easy and efficient handling during a medical emergency.

This model features an easy-open latch for quick access to the medical supplies within. Plus, there’s no need to worry about accidentally damaging equipment or medications thanks to a durable rubber liner for extra protection, which also doubles as an O-ring seal to keep water out.

Another fantastic feature includes an automatic pressure equalization valve to balance interior pressure and protect medications or electronics from damage.


Search and rescue operations by the Military Search and Rescue (SAR) service may involve mountain rescue and vessels in distress. Such missions require an array of rescue equipment, medical supplies, and safety gear that needs to be kept safe from impact and effortlessly transported.

The Peli Air™ Case is also ideal in these situations, due to its strong yet weight-saving High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) shell for ease of handling. This also reduces the weight within rescue aircraft and vehicles, helping staff to move and evacuate faster while burdened during an emergency.

Additionally, thanks to its remarkable temperature rating between -23ºC to +99ºC, specialist equipment is shielded throughout the Baltic region and Middle Eastern deserts.

Intelligence and communications

Gaining intel and keeping tabs on the enemy requires the use of electrical equipment – electronic observation devices, radio communication, and radar tools are examples of the specialist equipment needed by the intelligence corps.

Our range of Peli Protector™ Cases with multiple compartments is ideal for transporting, protecting, and storing electronic devices throughout the military industry. Like our whole collection, these military cases are waterproof, corrosion-proof, and dustproof, keeping all equipment safe from destructive elements.

Available in 40 sizes, this super-strong copolymer polypropylene military case is a beacon of durability and can be customised to fit your exact needs – especially when paired with a bespoke foam interior to keep your devices padded and cushioned from impacts.

Why not email our knowledgeable team at to request more information about our collection of military cases for travel and storage?


Keep firearms, weapons, and explosives safe and well-guarded from impacts during transportation with a Peli Storm™ Case from our extensive selection. This product offers an elite level of impact resistance, reliable security features, and ease of access.

The press-and-pull latches on the case are incredibly easy to open, but also very secure – the case also features padlock clasps that offer enhanced security whenever required.

Manufactured from lightweight yet robust HPX Resin, this waterproof protective case incorporates a Vortex Valve. This valve serves to automatically balance the interior air pressure, preventing a vacuum lock that could cause cases to burst and leave the equipment vulnerable – but thanks to Peli, vacuum locking is a thing of the past.

Get in touch with Hofbauer

Here at Hofbauer, we are proud to manufacture high-quality military shipping cases and foam interiors for the professionals who require them. From length and width to colour and foam interior, our storm cases are highly customisable and make light work of shielding your sensitive equipment whilst in storage and transportation.

Whatever your requirements, we can design bespoke foam inserts using a specialised manufacturing process that cushions your military equipment and prevents movement during shipping

For more information regarding our military-grade cases and inserts, contact our specialists today on 01452 309 782, or email us at cases@hofbauer.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.

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