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World-Renowned durability

If you need a hard travel or transit case which won’t fail you even on the most rigorous terrains, Peli cases offer the most durable performance on the market. This is credited to the use of fine quality, hard plastic materials used to produce these containers, as well as expert manufacturing.

Pelican cases are widely used by the police, defence, exploration teams, and media crews due to their sheer strength and robust shells. Military equipment, cameras, forensics tools, and more can be kept securely in these containers, which shield instruments from both impacts and destructive vibrations.

Ultimately, their resilience against heavy impacts during storage, transit and whilst in the field is why we are proud to provide Peli™ cases to our valued clientele.

World-Renowned durability - Peli™ Cases - Hofbauer

Face the harshest conditions with Peli™ cases

Whether you expect to endure torrential rain, arctic temperatures, the blistering Sahara heat, or tropical climates, Peli™ cases are built to withstand it all without faltering.

With over 40 years of experience producing hard-wearing plastic cases, Peli™ has developed cases that are waterproof and dustproof – Peli’s ingenious designs incorporate an O-ring seal and a pressure relief valve, which not only regulates internal air pressure but also provides formidable resistance against water and dust infiltration.

Face the harshest conditions with Peli™ cases - Hofbauer

See our full range of Pelican plastic cases

We stock several Peli case models that all offer an impressive level of toughness – two of our most popular Peli cases include the Peli Protector and Peli Storm:

Peli™ Protector

With the option of 40 sizes and an array of colours, Peli™ Protector cases are robust, dustproof, waterproof, and airtight – while easily withstanding extreme impacts, thanks to their hard-wearing copolymer polypropylene shell.

Peli™ Strom

Crafted to endure the most challenging environments and landscapes, our Peli™ Storm cases stand out as some of the most robust options within our inventory.

Available in various sizes, from substantial plastic cases to compact ones, this particular model is meticulously engineered from virtually indestructible copolymer polypropylene.

It excels at enduring substantial impacts and maintaining its integrity across a broad temperature range, from a frigid -23°C to a scorching +99°C.

Therefore, whether you’re safeguarding your camera gear or medical equipment, rest assured that this case will rise to the occasion without fail.


We also have the Peli™ Micro and Peli™ Air models, which also come with a host of unique benefits.

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