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Why choose aluminium framed flight cases?

There are plenty of metal flight cases available, but what’s so special about aluminium? 

It won’t corrode

Aluminium is rustproof and boasts non-corrosive properties, meaning its integrity will be unaffected by rain or harsh weather. This is due to aluminium’s protective oxide surface layer that forms a barrier against oxidation – the process that causes rust and erosion in metals.

It offers a superb strength-to-weight ratio

Unlike other metals like steel, aluminium is lightweight and offers more strength and protection to your goods without the heaviness. So, you can easily transport your goods without the added weight, which can be expensive if you’re travelling by plane. 

Aluminium offers super-durability

Unlike standard cases made from basic materials, aluminium equipment cases are super strong and capable of resisting heavy impacts.

Aluminium is a robust and sturdy material that actually gets stronger and more resilient in cold conditions – even on an expedition to the most frozen terrains, you can rest assured your property will be protected and safe from damaging temperatures.

It looks professional

There’s no case type sleeker or more elegant than our aluminium framed models. Due to its smooth feel and chic appearance, aluminium offers a premium look that is sure to present you or your business most professionally.  

It’s easy to clean

Aluminium has an easy-to-wipe surface that makes cleaning quick and simple. So, whether it’s dust, dirt or spillages covering your case, you can efficiently maintain your executive look wherever you are.

Aluminium Cases

What are aluminium framed cases designed to hold?

As our aluminium project cases are a bespoke solution, they’re ideally suited for holding and transporting a variety of equipment, tools, and instruments for a range of purposes, including:

  • Medical instruments, such as defibrillators
  • Costly electronic equipment such as tablets, laptops, and chargers
  • Media and photography technology including cameras, drones and Go-Pros
  • Music and DJ equipment, like mixers, amps, guitars, and speakers
  • Firearms and dangerous goods, such as hunting rifles and airsoft guns

We can manufacture an aluminium framed carry case to your desired specifications. From dimensions and chosen fittings to wheels and handle types. This makes handling your equipment even more effortless and tailored to you.

Aluminium Cases

Add protective inserts to your aluminium road case

At Hofbauer, our aluminium flight cases can be fitted with bespoke foam inserts cut to your exact specifications to provide extra cushioning and protection to your belongings. 

Inserts are perfect for a range of instruments, especially if you have electronic equipment that needs to be broken down into smaller pieces for storage. 

The foam provided in your aluminium case will ensure each part is safe from damage, vibrations, and impacts, as well as prevent your contents from colliding, which may break delicate pieces within.

Contact Hofbauer today

Are you in need of a customised aluminium framed case with foam inserts to ensure your belongings are secure during transportation? If so, we can help you.

Here at Hofbauer, we’re experienced manufacturers of cases – from sample cases for travelling professionals to extremely strong heavy-duty containers, we have it all.

To find out more about ordering your ideal aluminium equipment case, contact our experts today on 01452 309 782 or email us at cases@hofbauer.co.uk and we’ll be in touch.

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