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Durable plastic cases for all applications

Whether you’re looking to protect fragile equipment, organise supplies, or you need a carry case whilst travelling, we have a hard plastic equipment case for any application.

Here at Hofbauer, we’re a top UK distributor of hard plastic cases, providing customers looking for a reliable storage and carry solution at an affordable price.

Feel free to contact our experts on 01452 309 782 and our specialists will be more than happy to support you with your order.

Durable plastic cases for all purposes - Hofbauer

Why invest in a hard plastic case?

Our products are perfect for a range of uses including, but not limited to, the following:

Carrying fragile instruments, electrical devices, or valuables

Our plastic cases are trusted by military personnel, pharmaceutical reps, GPs, mechanics, electricians, and travelling businesspeople, among many others.

Thanks to their incredible strength, durability, and other model-specific features, they effortlessly keep their items secure, in the plane’s hold, during transportation, or throughout your everyday movements. Our cases are used to hold almost anything, including: 

  • Laptops and tablets
  • Doctors instruments
  • Medical supplies
  • Rescue & recovery tools
  • Everyday tools, drills, and fixings

Our products are also suitable for personal use, for those desiring extra protection for their goods – photography and fishing enthusiasts alike benefit from their remarkable robustness that keeps cameras and fishing instruments shielded and safe.


Brand exposure

As well as offering an elite level of security and protection, our hard plastic cases can be supplied with your company branding detailed on their outer shell, so you can showcase your business on the go. We provide personalisation and branding options, such as printing, labelling and moulded ID, completed in-house by our specialists.

What’s more, depending on the case range, there’s a vast variety of colours to select from – meaning you can select the shade that matches your brand best. 

Tool organisation

Thanks to the bespoke foam inserts we can supply alongside your new case, our hard plastic cases are commonly used to arrange tools efficiently. Keep your range of instruments separated within individual foam sections, precisely cut to your exact dimensions, to keep them still and safe in transit. 

Site visits

Provide a robust buffer between your carry items and external impacts on the go thanks to our premium performance and designs. So, whether you’re attending a sales convention, or visiting an on-site premises, you can rest easy knowing your goods are well-cushioned, avoiding breakages and damages.

Our range of hard storage cases

At Hofbauer, our extensive collection of sturdy plastic cases includes 18 different models, so you’re sure to find the ideal option for you or your business. As standard, every option is waterproof and offers

Some of the durable plastic cases we stock include:


Stylish, robust, and scratch-resistant, the Megabag is a versatile model used across many industries.

This case is made from super-strong polypropylene with a double-walled inner shell that absorbs impacts and pressure, protecting its contents. 

Plus,  due to its load capacity of 40kg, it’s ideal for carrying out professional operations, especially for mobile working stations or laboratories.

For these reasons, it’s a popular choice amongst forensic teams and military personnel.

Peli Storm™ Cases

Designed to withstand the harshest conditions and terrains, our Peli Storm cases are some of the most sturdy models we stock.

Available in a range of sizes from large plastic cases to small, this model is crafted from essentially unbreakable copolymer polypropylene, which withstands high impacts and temperatures from -23°C to +99°C.

More key features of our Peli Storm cases include its O ring and pressure relief valve, which adjust the air pressure within whilst resisting water and dust intrusion.

So, if you need to keep your camera or fishing equipment protected during a trip into the wilderness, this case won’t let you down.

Plastic Cases

Plastic cases made to your requirements

Thanks to our exceptional collection of hard plastic cases, there’s a size to meet your needs. If you require more specialised dimensions, some of our cases are made to order – to discuss bespoke sizing, contact us today!

Wheels for added manoeuvrability can also be installed on your case, depending on the model selected.

To make your case even more tailored and secure, why not add a custom foam insert to your plastic hard case order that allows you to optimise the space within?

We use state-of-the-art methods to ensure the foam interior meets your exact order specifications – from tools and machinery to medical supplies and cameras, foam inserts are an addition guaranteed to keep your cargo firmly in place during transit.

Why choose our plastic equipment cases?

As a leading plastic case manufacturer, we continually test our products to ensure we’re offering the very best plastic case materials, quality, and design. Our experts use the latest moulding technologies to create the most robust and waterproof plastic cases on the market.

Would you like more information on our plastic protective cases? Or maybe you require guidance on making an order of customised designs. If so, please contact us now on 01452 309 782 and we’ll assist you and answer any questions you may have. Or if you’d prefer, you can email us at cases@hofbauer.co.uk

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