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Travel equipment cases for transporting fragile equipment

Transporting expensive and delicate equipment can be difficult and stressful, especially when it will be in the hold or the back of a van. What’s more, air traffic handlers often don’t understand the fragile nature of your equipment.

Whether it’s for onsite work or visiting customers, our range of the toughest waterproof hard-shell cases will keep your items secure and safe from impact and vibration damage whilst travelling from A to B.

Whatever your budget, we stock the widest range of equipment cases on the market here at Hofbauer – to speak with an expert, feel free to get in touch on 01452 309782 and we’ll help you find your ideal model.

Medical Equipment Cases

What can you securely store within our travel cases for equipment?

Our hard cases are used across various industries and applications to protect the most invaluable goods from impacts and intense weather during transport and storage – wind, rain, ice and extreme heat, our range of models has you covered.

The military

Only the ultimate protection will do for applications in the armed forces – where the most delicate military equipment needs to be stored securely. From combat gear and rescue tools to rescue and medical devices, you can be sure our equipment cases will shield your cargo without faltering.

Emergency services

Our emergency services depend on specialist equipment throughout the day to protect and save lives, so keeping these tools safe from damage during transit is essential. Our equipment cases are some of the toughest available and buffer against impacts or destructive elements, such as moisture or water.

Media and broadcasting

Those involved in photography, media or broadcasting can benefit from one of our exceptionally durable travel cases. Storing and protecting cameras, electronic equipment, lighting equipment, broadcasting tools and devices is light work for our range of models, which effectively resist external impact forces and prevent contaminants from infiltrating.

How do our equipment cases protect your goods?

Here at Hofbauer, we have an extensive selection of robust and durable equipment cases for sale, strong enough to resist impacts, scuffs, and scratches consistent with rough journeys or transfers.

To shield tools, instruments, electrical equipment and more from water, moisture, and dust, we provide hard equipment cases that are airtight, waterproof, and dustproof.

Our case types include:

Enduro MAX – our Enduro MAX cases offer a hard plastic design that’s robust and resistant to corrosion thanks to its resilient copolymer polypropylene shell – for this reason, they’re even approved for military use across the harshest climates and terrains.

Polybox – a highly cost-effective model that doesn’t compromise on quality. Our Polybox cases are a superb choice for your carry needs, constructed from strong and lightweight HDPE for a practical solution. Another great feature of the Polybox is that they’re made-to-order, meaning we can manufacture a case based on your measurements to suit your unique needs.

Peli™ Protector Cases – we stock world-renowned brands such as Peli. Our collection of Peli Protector Cases for equipment has a unique pressure release valve, to protect your belongings from pressure changes during transit and storage.

How do our equipment cases protect your goods? - Hofbauer

Customise your heavy-duty equipment case

Here at Hofbauer, we offer an array of personalisation options to suit your requirements – from company branding for your business to a choice of wheels and handle options, we can tailor your case to your unique specification.

Company branding

Many of our cases have a smooth external surface for screen printing, or a specific area reserved for printed logos and moulded ID – branding options as such not only enhance the look of your case and make it more identifiable, but help advertise your business most professionally.


Depending on the case range you select from, there’s a phenomenal collection of colours to select from, enabling you to distinguish between equipment cases immediately. Colour code your tools with shades including black, blue, red, orange and yellow, among more!

Colour options also help to align your case with your brand colours.


Depending on your line of work or intended case use, you may require more than a handle to transport your cargo. Selected cases can be supplied with reinforced wheels for effortless manoeuvrability, perfect for air travel and moving heavy loads.

Bespoke foam inserts for your equipment case

To provide an extra level of stability and protection to the contents of your case, we also build custom-made foam inserts to fit within, which may also act as dividers between equipment. Designed to your exact needs, our team of skilled manufacturers will first collect dimensions, weight, photographs, or drawings of the equipment you intend to store.

Following this, we’ll use our expertise to select an appropriate foam type from our vast selections of foams and proceed with the layout design.

To ensure precision, we employ a specialised CAD (computer-aided design) drawing program to create a design ready for cutting. Depending on the foam’s characteristics, we’ll employ a multitude of cutting techniques including CNC routing, water jet cutting or press-cutting to fashion the case’s interior.

Once all components are prepared, we will expertly assemble the case and promptly dispatch it to you, fully equipped and ready for immediate use.

Aluminium Cases

Speak with our experts today

If you’re searching for a particular product but can’t find it on our website, or you’re eager to discuss options for bulk orders of tailored equipment cases and foam inserts, get in touch on 0145 230 9782 to speak with our helpful team.

We’ll do anything we can to assist our customers in selecting their ideal heavy-duty equipment case that offers the correct level of protection.

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