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Why do I need a transit case?

If you frequently transport delicate or fragile equipment that requires a greater level of cushioning, then you should consider a rugged transit case. These products are specifically designed to keep the contents of your case guarded and cushioned from impact during transportation, whilst allowing easy handling.

Our transit cases offer extra protection for your goods in an aeroplane hold, or the back of a van or car, where fragile cargo is most at risk from damage.

Some designs are built to meet military or medical standards, while others are perfect for more general purposes. Applications include fishing, scuba diving, hunting, photography, and marine uses.

Transit Cases from Hofbauer

Discover our tough and rugged transit cases

If you need a case strong enough to protect your possessions, no matter how badly it’s tossed around by airline baggage handlers, you’ll love our selection of super-resilient transit case types.

We are proud to offer our customers some of the world’s premier brands in plastic transit cases, including Flitebag, Thermodyne containers, and Enduro MAX case styles.


Thermodyne transit cases combine exceptional strength with a lightweight profile, courtesy of their High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) moulded shell. This innovative construction simultaneously eliminates potential weak spots like riveted sections, corners, and seams.

Additionally, these robust cases are dustproof and exhibit moisture resistance, ensuring unparalleled protection for both delicate and heavy-duty equipment whilst in transit.

Thermodyne transit cases with over 600 sizes to choose from, come in a choice of nine colours, including orange, blue, and black, among more!

Flitebag Pro

Manufactured from high-quality birch plywood and thermoplastic, the Flitebag Pro is one of the most durable models in our range. Its riveted construction with aluminium edges and steel knuckle corners makes it the perfect candidate to protect your goods whilst on the road.

Plus, the Flitebag Pro is built to order, meaning we’ll take your measurements and dimensions and produce your bespoke case – you could even add a customised foam insert to keep your possessions firmly cushioned within.

Enduro MAX

Waterproof, corrosion-proof, and pad-lockable, the Enduro MAX is a well-suited transit case for any application.

Manufactured from hard-wearing copolymer polypropylene, this product has an incredible temperature protection rating between -30° to 90°, making it perfect for shielding your goods in all weathers and climates.

Plus, Enduro MAX cases are available in 21 sizes, so there’s a suitable model for whatever you need to store.

Whichever brand you choose from Hofbauer, you’ll be receiving a rugged transit case designed to last.


Complete your rugged transit case order with a foam interior

To ensure your belongings stay firmly secure during storage and transportation, our plastic transit cases can be supplied with bespoke foam inserts. These cushioned interiors can be made from a variety of foam types, depending on your application, and are made to your size requirements.

For more information, take a look at our foam interiors page.

Why opt for Hofbauer?

As one of the leaders in the industry, we manufacture and supply top-quality plastic transit cases that are carefully engineered for protecting sensitive equipment.

Whether for everyday use or long-haul travels around the world, our transit cases offer superior protection and are a superb choice for many applications.

At Hofbauer, we provide exceptional and reliable designs at competitive prices – for us, it’s all about offering you the best quality solutions without breaking the bank.

Feel free to check out our other similar rugged case ranges, including our flight cases, equipment cases, and waterproof protective cases.

Transit Cases on Wheels

Get in touch today

If you have any questions about any of our rugged transit cases, or how the order and manufacturing process works, feel free to speak with us today – to get in touch with our team, please contact us on 01452 309 782 and we’ll assist you in any way we can.

Transit Cases on Wheels

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