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Choosing the Right Protective Case for Your Equipment

When shopping for a suitable protective case to store your wares, instruments, tools, and equipment, it’s essential you choose one that will shield your belongings indefinitely. But how do you decide which model to invest in?

If you’re unsure, don’t worry – our specialists in plastic protective cases explain how to determine which design matches your needs throughout this blog!

Why is buying the correct protective case important?

Some protective cases are better suited to certain applications than others. For example, you wouldn’t select a sales demo plastic case designed to hold sample protein powder sachets for heavy-duty tools and equipment. 

Buying a case that isn’t intended for your specific applications won’t effectively protect your items and will ultimately be a waste of your money.

The factors listed in this article should give you an indication of the type of case that will offer the best protection for your goods.

Factors to consider when choosing a protective case

To ensure you purchase the most suitable protective case for your applications, you’ll need to factor in the following:

Equipment size and dimensions

Firstly, you’ll need to bear in mind the size and weight of the items you intend to store. Some protective cases are available in a multitude of sizes and dimensions, whereas others offer a few select choices.

For modest applications carrying small valuable items, such as collectables or first aid kits, you could opt for the Minibag – a durable model made from resilient polypropylene.

Or, for a more advanced model for more rigorous applications, you could opt for the Peli™ Micro Case – this plastic protective case features unique Peli technology, such as an automatic pressure equalisation valve to stabilise interior pressure.

If you need to supply much larger heavy-duty equipment that may be uniquely shaped, such as engineering parts, Thermodyne protective cases are available in an extensive 600 sizes.

Enduro Max cases also offer an exceptional level of protection for bigger and bulkier parts.

Material and durability

Depending on their intended use, protective cases are manufactured from various plastics, each offering its own level of strength and surface feel.

For those who require a tough and virtually unbreakable case for use in extreme environments, such as field operations and expeditions, Peli™ plastic cases won’t let you down. Thanks to their hard-wearing copolymer polypropylene shells and outstanding IP67 rating (water and dust resistance), these extraordinary cases effortlessly shield electronics and machinery from moisture and impact damage.

However, if you’re a salesperson looking for brand exposure, the Maxibag is ideal for screen printing and labelling. This impressive model is constructed from high-tensile ABS plastic, providing great impact and corrosion resistance, with an excellent smooth surface finish – perfect for high-quality branding.

Portability and convenience

For easy handling on the go, or if you travel frequently, you’ll require protective cases that are designed for efficient manoeuvring and opening on the move.

Modern, lightweight, and functional, complete with a folding ergonomic handle and snap-shut catches designed to keep your belongings secure whilst in transit, our Quantum T protective cases fit the bill. What’s more, the sleek exterior exudes a premium feel, helping to keep your business looking as professional as possible.

Colour and branding options

If you want to promote your business on the go and boost customer trust in your company, it’s best to invest in plastic protection cases that can be personalised and branded.

For sales and promotional uses, our Maxibag and Quantum T cases are ideal. The Maxibag has the perfect surface for screen printing, whilst the Quantum T has a specific recessed area for printed logo/brand labels. 

Your budget

Naturally, our protective plastic cases range in price depending on various factors. The brand, case type and model variant, size, and company branding will influence the cost of each case. As we stock the widest range of containers, you’re sure to find a suitable option that works for you and your budget!

Our most affordable cases won’t fail you and are crafted with longevity in mind – but if you’re looking for elite protection with high-specification features, such as pressure relief valves and O-ring seals to prevent water and air infiltration, you’ll likely have to spend a little more!

Customised protective cases for tailored needs

If you’re struggling to find a case that can perfectly accommodate your needs, you can always opt for a custom protective case. These hard cases differ from standard stock cases as they’re made-to-order according to your length, width, and depth requirements.

Will I need to add bespoke foam interiors to my protective cases?

When making an order of plastic cases, you should consider adding a foam insert to protect your case contents from vibration damage, keep each element from moving during transit, and showcase your wares in the most professional manner.

Foam inserts are ideal for keeping a range of items, including laptops and other delicate electronics, cushioned from impacts.

The choice is completely up to you when selecting your ideal plastic protective case – however, if you feel you’d benefit from an expert’s recommendation, you can always get in touch with the team at Hofbauer for guidance!

Get in touch with Hofbauer today

Here at Hofbauer, we’ve been providing customers with high-quality protector cases and accessories, such as bespoke foam inserts, for over 30 years. Our offering includes a variety of plastic case types, including waterproof protective cases, flight cases, and heavy-duty models, plus much more!

For free quotes, or if you have any questions regarding our selection of products, feel free to get in touch with our helpful team today for more information – our experts can help you to choose the best case for you!

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