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What is a flight case?

A flight case is a specialised container designed to protect fragile equipment, instruments, prototypes or similar items that need protection in transit. They achieve this by being highly durable, extremely robust, and made from hardwearing materials, unlike standard luggage cases. 

The military, police, medical, entertainment and communications industries all benefit from our range of protection flight cases.

So, why opt for one of our protector flight cases?

Comprehensive protection 

Our offering includes a range of flight cases designed to protect even the most breakable items in the hold. 

Regardless of which model you select, all our protective cases are made from tough and impact-resistant materials tried and tested to keep your goods safe and secure.

Quality craftsmanship

At Hofbauer, we’re able to boast some of the best travel cases on the market thanks to our expert manufacturing. 

Every product we supply is made with complete durability in mind. From reinforced castor wheels to customised foam interiors, we take pride in only shipping the most robust cases.

Flight Cases from Hofbauer

Choose from a complete range of flight cases

Our extensive range of flight cases has a model for every purpose – you can select from various designs made from plastic and aluminium.

Flitebag Astro

Flitebag Astro cases are a strong yet lightweight option, crafted from advanced double-walled polypropylene panels, an aluminium frame, and reinforced corners. Wheels and an extendable handle are optional features that provide easy movement when moving your storage between destinations.

Choose between red, black, grey, or blue cases and even personalise it with screen-printed logos –  perfect for promoting businesses on the go.


The perfect all-rounder, Thermodyne protection cases are ideal for keeping an array of goods safe in the air, on the water or on the open road. 

Manufactured from High-Density Polyethene (HDPE), this model is incredibly sturdy as it doesn’t have seams or fitted corners that can split if dropped.

Another fantastic benefit is that it offers dust and moisture protection thanks to its O-ring seal, meaning your goods are secure even in rainy climates.

Enduro MAX cases

Waterproof, corrosion proof and pad-lockable, the heavy-duty Enduro MAX is virtually unbreakable. Approved by the military, you can be sure this storage case is tough enough for any application.

Made from resilient copolymer polypropylene, this case has an excellent temperature protection rating between -30° to 90°, making it ideal for shielding its contents even in the harshest weather. 

Additionally, this premium model is available in 21 sizes, meaning you’re sure to find the right one for your needs.

Whichever design you choose, you are getting something that will stand the test of time and can be stored easily in various locations. 

Whether for daily use or long-haul travels around the world, our custom flight cases are the right option for your application.

Flight Cases

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