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Flight Cases

Flight Cases are an ideal choice for those who want to have comprehensive protection for their valuables while traveling. You can choose from a Flitebag Astro, a Polybox, Thermodyne or even a Peli™ Protector Case. You can also look into the possibility of having a custom flight cases made, giving you the ability to have something built around your exact specifications. We also offer a range of Plastic flight cases, aluminium and plywood flight cases that are designed to protect the most sensitive items on the road.

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  • Polybox

  • Thermodyne

  • Flitebag Astro

  • Flitebag Pro

  • Peli Air Trade

    Peli Air™ Cases

  • Peli Protector Cases

    Peli Storm™ Cases

  • Peli Protector Cases

    Peli Protector™ Cases

  • Enduro Max Cases on Wheels

    Enduro MAX Cases

  • Upload Test

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