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Maximum Protection With Custom Foam Inserts

Rough handling is an inevitable part of travelling, but our custom foam inserts can provide peace of mind. So, how do they keep your possessions safe from damage?

Defence against impacts

Thanks to our thick the design of our foam inserts, your equipment is shielded from impacts as the foam slows powerful impact forces and absorbs shock, keeping contents safe and cushioned.

Protection against vibrations

A custom foam insert encases your goods or equipment, shielding them against vibrations, which can shift parts over time, causing gradual destruction.

Prevention of scratches

By keeping the components in your case safely in their own cushioned space, they won’t roll and crash into each other, preventing scratches and damage.

Personalise Your Case

You’ll love our attractive, high-quality designs if you need custom foam inserts for cases. Here at Hofabuer, we’re proud to offer high-grade interiors that are created with CAD software, so we can personalise your order to suit your exact specifications.

Our custom case interiors are ideal for a host of applications, so we’ll be able to provide styles which are perfect for your preferred purpose, whether it’s for storage, transit, professional or presentation.

Personalise Your Case - Hofbauer

Our High-Quality Customised Interiors Are Very Affordable and Competitively priced

No matter why you need customised interiors, you’ll find that we provide exceptional options at appealing prices.

Some of our clients come to us for case interiors which keep their goods or instruments safe and secure while they’re being handled – if you want things to arrive intact, we can help with our foam inserts for cases.

Other clients want to boost their company image by using our case interiors to enhance product presentation.

Whatever the reason, you can be sure that our foam inserts are of premium quality at an affordable price.

Want to speak to one of our team about ordering a custom foam insert for your case? If so, please feel free to contact us today for more information about our design processes and costs.

Present Your Goods In Style

If you work in sales or travel for business, it’s vital to maintain a professional company image while showcasing your products & enforcing your brand identity. Our inserts are ideal for sales presentations, including pharmaceutical products, skincare, and gadgets.

Rather than have your sales pitch slowed by rooting for misplaced goods, a foam case insert keeps your offering readily accessible and on display for people to see.

We offer different colour options, so you can simply select the colour that represents your brand identity, helping to make your products more company-recognisable.

Plus, our sleek foam case inserts are made from high-quality materials with a professional finish, including moulded foam and profile foam, making them suitable for corporate settings.

Present Your Goods In Style - Hofbauer

Keep Your Equipment Organised With Custom Cases

Whether you need to keep your military equipment or surgical tools in order, our cases with foam interiors can help.

Each features a precise shape for each component to slot into, meaning it will stay in position and won’t become loose during transportation.

Opening your display case with your products arranged neatly is a great way to help you find what you need quickly and efficiently.

How Do We Create Your Unique Custom Interior Cases?

From multi-laptop foam inserts to unique toolbox interiors, our design team can produce just about any foam packaging solution you require.

To start the customisation process, our experts will collect information about your requirements and the items that will go into the case, such as their size, dimensions and weight. This may include drawings of the object shapes, and details surrounding their purpose and the environments they will be used in. Other factors we’ll take into account are their density, functionality and their fragility.

We will then select a suitable case and foam type and proceed to design the layout, which will determine the method of production. To ensure accuracy and precision, we use a specialist CAD drawing program to produce your precise shape ready for cutting – depending on the foam, we’ll either use CAD routing and water jet cutting or press-cutting methods to produce the interior of your case.

When all components are prepared and the insert has been manufactured, we’ll assemble the case and dispatch it to you with fast delivery, ready for use.

Get In Touch Today

Here at Hofbauer, we stock and supply an extensive selection of hard protection cases and bespoke foam interiors for a range of needs. From hard-wearing Hofbauer, Thermodyne and Peli cases to custom foam inserts, we have everything you need to keep your contents safe and secure whilst making the ultimate professional impression.

If you have any questions regarding our foam-cutting service and whether we can manufacture a product suitable for your needs, please contact us today using our online enquiry form.

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