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All About Our Cases with Wheels

Posted 15th February 2019 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

It may come as a surprise to you that it wasn’t until the 1970s that we began putting wheels on cases. Despite the wheel being around for thousands of years, it was Bernard D. Sadow who came up with the idea of adding wheels to suitcases. It was finally made popular when American retailer Macy’s placed an order. It took two years for the idea to become patented, and the resistance has been put down to a culture of machismo. Thankfully, here at Hofbauer, we have plenty of cases with wheels. Read on to find out more about our range.

Quality is Key

As with all our products, we aim to offer the best quality going, and that’s no different with our extensive range of wheeled cases. We pride ourselves on delivering extremely strong and durable cases that will ensure you get your money’s worth, able to use them time and time again. Our wheeled cases include a number of different designs, with wheels implemented as either simple castors attached to the case, or as free-rolling wheels that are built into the case. Read more...

All About Our Presentation Cases

Posted 15th February 2019 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Here at Hofbauer, we aim to be the one-stop show for all the cases you could want. Today we’re focusing on our range of presentation cases for occasions where you need easy access to the contents of your case, so you can display your products perfectly. Aside from their aesthetics, our presentation cases are made to be durable and scratch-resistant, so you will be able to rely on them to safely transport your items from a to b. They balance protection and convenience, with sturdy handles and secure locks. Our main products in this range include the Maxibag, Polybox, Xtrabag, Quantum T, and our Wine Carrier Case. Read on to find out more about each of these key presentation cases.


For a large yet slimline plastic presentation case, go for the Maxibag. Particularly useful for use as packaging and sales sample cases, the Maxibag features the best quality injection moulding & bespoke, fitted interiors to protect and display your products in the best way possible. It has reliable snap-shut catches for the ease of access, with an integral handle for simple transportation. They are available in 21 sizes and three different colours: black, light grey, or blue. Read more...