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Flight Cases - The Choices Available

Posted 23rd August 2018 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

We all know the challenges we face and the general stresses that comes from packing equipment for transit, making sure that everything is safe and secure in its case. It is especially difficult, when we go further afield than our homeland and we face hours or sometimes days of separation from our equipment & personal belongings. All the time we hope that our equipment & luggage won’t be lost, stolen, mistakenly identified as someone else’s property, or mishandled and damaged. If we feel this way about our clothes, sunglasses, toiletries and swim suit, how much more so when we have to transport valuable and delicate equipment. We feel the pressure still more acutely when we are transporting sensitive equipment associated with our work and chosen profession. This kind of luggage definitely deserves the VIP treatment during transport. And what better way to travel in style, then with Hofbauer’s custom instrument cases and aluminium instrument cases.

There is always the concern, that no matter how much you express the need for care and attention to your belongings, you always run the risk when you hand it over to the airport personnel, they are not going to be able to give your cases the delicate touch they need and that you requested. Especially considering the thousands of personal baggage and instrument cases the staff work with day after day. In Heathrow, there are an average of around 1,300 combined landings and take-offs each day. There are 90.7 people on average in each flight. Considering some of us tend to take more than one case, you can only imagine how much luggage passes through Heathrow every day. Read more...

An Overview of our Product Sample Cases

Posted 23rd August 2018 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

When building and promoting your business, whether you are starting on a new enterprise or pitching your established business to a new market or client, presentation is everything. Popular programs on the television that show ideas and products being pitched to professional business men and women highlight how essential it is, not just to know your product, but to be able to display your product in an orderly manner.

If you require sample cases for business presentation or display then Hofbauer can provide you with a good supply of options to suit your needs. In a lot of ways your instrument and equipment carriers need to be multifunctional. They need to be capable of keeping things in order, preventing damage and able to show your products and ideas off to their best advantage. They can also act as an advertising platform for you, by presenting an image that reflects an overall work ethic of efficiency and fastidiousness that builds trust in your ability as a potential partner and service provider. Read more...