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All About Our Double Walled Technology

Posted 14th June 2018 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

At Hofbauer, we aim to make your life stress-free with high quality cases that you can rely on in the most important situations. Our cases offer the best protection, whether it’s a one-off trip, or a journey you make every day, whether you’re carrying fragile glass equipment, or electronics such as your everyday laptop. Our use of ‘double-walled’ technology does exactly what it says on the tin, providing you with an additional wall of protection that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

Why choose ‘double-walled’ cases?

This ‘double-walled’ technology reinforces the casing in order to fully protect its contents from the risk of any harm from the outside environment. This includes protection during transportation within extreme conditions, wherever you may be travelling. This technology is employed within a variety of products, including Megabag, Megabag TC, Quantum, Dimension, Multibag, and Mini TC. Read more...

How to Find the Best Equipment Case For You

Posted 14th June 2018 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Here at Hofbauer, we know how important the contents of your case are, no matter what you’re transporting. The stakes are even higher when we consider the significance of cases carrying fragile equipment. Whether computers and electronics, medical and surgical equipment, or military equipment, we are sure to have the right equipment case for you. There’s always a risk of physical damage when travelling, whether by land, sea, or air. The longer and more arduous the journey for you, the more so for your cases, which will almost certainly see some rough handling throughout the course of the journey. To guarantee any damage does not transfer onto your goods inside the case, opt for one of our equipment cases.

The Basics

To have peace of mind when shipping or transporting your equipment, we have a vast range of different options. These include the following: Dimension Case, Enduro MAX Case, Enduro MAX Tool Case, Flitebag Astro, Flitebag Pro, Flitebag Pro 19” Rack Case, Maxibag, Megabag, Minibag, Multibag, Peli Air, Peli Cases, Peli Micro Case, Peli Storm Case, Polybox, Quantum T Case, Technobag, and Thermodyne Containers. Each of these will ensure the safety and security of your contents whilst travelling. Read more...

Foam Inserts for Your Cases

Posted 15th May 2018 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

At Hofbauer, we specialise in the protection of your goods when in transit. Nothing protects valuable or fragile objects more than incorporating foam inserts into the design of your case. This way you don’t need to worry about any rough treatment, and your contents will be safely stowed when in any harsh environments.

Fully Bespoke Foam Inserts

We are able to create foam inserts to especially meet your requirements. Whatever necessary application, we will be able to provide a solution with our foam insets. With pre-designed interiors, we have cases ready to meet a range of needs, but are always happy to provide a bespoke service with our customisable designs. Read more...

Branding Your Cases

Posted 15th May 2018 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

When looking for the perfect cases for your business, to stand out from the crowd we offer bespoke branding services. Not only will it ensure you arrive for any business meeting with professionalism at the heart of what you do it’ll be easy to spot your case at baggage reclaim ! It’s great when first impressions count, leaving a positive lasting impression is of high importance. When thinking about branding your cases, there are numerous options for you. They are suitable for various industries and purposes, such as sales, presentation, and health and safety.

Screen Printing

A popular method of branding cases is to screen print your logo directly onto the case. When you do this, it’s possible to use between one and three different colours. You simply provide us with your artwork for your brand, and we will do the rest to ensure a perfect finished product. Read more...

Be Better Protected with Our Aluminium Cases

Posted 19th April 2018 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Here at Hofbauer, we have built a solid reputation for quality cases since our foundation in 1902 with our manufacturing base. Since then we have continued to develop using the latest technology, becoming industry leaders due to our continual innovation. Today we’re going to focus on our range of aluminium cases, and why you should get yours from us at Hofbauer.


Our aluminium cases are made from the best materials possible, handcrafted in England. We provide a bespoke service to use the most suitable materials and design to carry your chosen items. To offer innovative protection methods, we use foam interiors, and to keep transportation easy, we also have bespoke handles. Read more...

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