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A tool case is a vital piece of equipment for any service engineer or maintenance professional while you’re on site carrying out a service call. With tools sometimes being quite expensive, choosing a rough and rugged tool case that will keep the tools inside safe is paramount, even if it’s being jostled around in a moving vehicle or by over-eager airport baggage handlers. Here at Hofbauer we are proud to offer strong and sturdy tool casestool cases capable of standing up to any test put to them.

Tool cases can come in a range of styles, sizes and colours so it’s important to find a tool case that is appropriate for your individual needs. But what types of cases do we offer here at Hofbauer? Here are the four types of tool cases that we provide which we are confident will meet any requirements:

Dimension Tool Case

The Dimension tool case is the perfect service engineer’s tool case. Boasting industrial strength polypropylene shell, metal key locks and a double-walled construction, this strong case can carry loads up to 40kg and is capable of taking impact with ease, making it perfect for carrying on those long journeys. This case also has a customisable tool panel so it can be easily kitted out to suit your particular tools. If you need a professional yet robust case that won't stretch your budget, the Dimension is undoubtedly the case for you.

Enduro Max Tool Case

Like the Dimension tool case, the Enduro Max tool case’s polypropylene shell is built to withstand the toughest usage. One of the benefits offered by the Enduro Max is that it is completely waterproof thanks to its rubber O-ring seal so there’s no risk of rain seeping in on a wet day! Despite the cases strength, however, the Enduro Max’s chunky easy-release catches make it a simple case to pop open and for you to get working.

The Megabag Tool Case

Unlike the other cases, the Megabag tool case comes with stitched storage pockets and set foam pads, preventing your precious tools from coming loose in the case. When combined with an optional combination padlock, the Megabag tool cases offer great security both inside and out.

The Mini Tool Case

A smaller brother of our other cases, this compact yet tough tool case is the ideal case for when you’re on the go, capable of holding a small amount of tools and a hand-held device. Handily, it is available in two sizes: the TC1 which comes with two tool panels, or the TC2 which replaces one of the panels with a pad foam base. If you only need to carry the bare essentials, our Mini tool case is the case for you.

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