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The case that can overcome anything!

Are you searching for a case that will make your life easier? A case that is more than just an accessory? Perhaps Quantum cases are the answer you are looking for. By taking advantage of developments in both material and manufacturing technology, here at Hofbauer have been able to create innovative items of baggage to cater for all purposes and professional requirements. The amount of thought that we put into our design process is what has enabled us to create the Quantum T case. But what exactly makes it so special?

Industrial strength and protection

Manufactured using Hofbauer’s unique skill in extrusion blow moulding, the Quantum T case provides ultimate protection. Its advanced, double-walled design will keep your belongings protected from anything that could cause harm including chemicals and extreme temperatures. The case is moulded with a double wall for shock absorbtion, to take the force of any hits in a way that conventional baggage can’t. The superior strength of Quantum cases is what makes them perfect for both day to day use and for carrying professional equipment.

Lightweight and diverse application

Its design might sound heavy duty, but there is nothing weighty about the Quantum T case. A surprisingly lightweight item of baggage, the Quantum T is perfect for day to day use as well as long haul journeys. This means you can save the money you would spend buying a whole set of different protective cases when the Quantum T is suitable for all purposes, making it the one bag you’ll ever need.


Here at Hofbauer we always give you as much opportunity as possible to customise your baggage. This includes choosing between the 8 different sizes and two colours that the Quantum T case is available in. And as well as the physical appearance of your case, you also have the option to customise its interior. This allows you to customise the protection that your baggage provides, by shaping the foam interior to provide perfect protection for any equipment that you might be carrying.


The Quantum T case is designed with a smooth rebate to ensure the easy application of your business details should you require it. This provides you with a great opportunity to promote your business whilst on the go! Simply apply your business logo or label onto your case to increase the recognisability of your company brand whilst out and about.

Get in contact

For more information about Quantum cases or any of our other Hofbauer products, please do not hesitate to get in contact. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with as much information and guidance as they can, to help you find the right protective baggage for your needs.