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Is there a case that is extremely durable, stylish and versatile? Peli Cases are virtually impossible to beat and come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Hofbauer (UK) Ltd are a leading manufacturer of moulded cases, with over 30 years of experience. We only work with premier brands including Pelican Cases. When we say ‘durable,’ we mean that these cases can withstand practically any environment. With a wide selection of cases available, what Pelicase will you choose?

Peli Protector Case

Peli Protector Cases are the favourite choice for many professionals, including police officers, the fire brigade, explorers, film crews and so on. Why is it so popular particularly in these industries? The Peli Protector Case is designed for the harshest of environments – they perform in the most extreme situations and won’t let you down. We have an enviable range of 40 different sizes and 6 colours. We are so confident in these Peli Cases that they come with a lifetime guarantee. The copolymer polypropylene is practically indestructible and is both waterproof and dustproof.

Peli Tool Case

The is equally tough and robust. They can survive heavy impact, including the weight of a vehicle accidentally driving over it. Airline handling is a notoriously unforgiving environment, yet you can have complete confidence that your tools will remain intact. How do we know that our Peli Tool Cases can survive all manner of exacting circumstances? They have been field tested and have come through with flying colours. No wonder these are amongst the most effective tool cases ever designed.

Peli Laptop Case

Where would you be without your laptop? The ability to be able to work virtually anywhere in the world is an amazing asset. How can you guarantee that your laptop will be secure when transporting it from one place to another? It will be by owning a Peli Laptop Case. To prevent your laptop from being damaged whilst inside your case, it is equipped with a fitted shock absorbing tray. Even if, for some reason, it experiences rough treatment, this design feature guarantees that it will be protected. It also has double safety locking latches, complete with keys, to increase the overall security of your valuable Laptop. The ergonomic handle is rubber moulded and comfortable to hold. The adjustable strap gives you an alternative carrying option.

Peli Micro Case

‘Good things come in small packages,’ so the saying goes. Our Peli Micro Cases might be small, but they are crushproof and as strong as you could imagine. Your instruments and other devices are valuable and very important to protect, as you rely on these for your profession or trade. The Peli Micro Case comes in a choice of colours and different sizes. They all feature a lifetime guarantee, which means that they are built to last. To safeguard your equipment against the elements, these cases are water resistant.

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