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Plastic Cases

If Hofbauer plastic cases are known for one thing, it is durability. Regardless of the plastic case offered, you will be receiving a sturdy case that will dependably last through even the worst punishment. Continually tested and perfected through years of gradual improvement, we strive to offer only the very best in material quality and design. As a plastic case manufacturer we aim to offer practical solutions.

Many of the solutions we offer include a plastic case with foam insert. As a leading plastic case manufacturer, we ensure that regardless of its use, our plastic cases will last. We make use of moulding technologies to create the very best plastic flight case, laptop cases, server racks, tool cases, and more. Furthermore we also provide a wide range of custom interiors and accessories that allow you to better utilise the space within your case.

All plastic cases sold by Hofbauer offer a wide range of dimensions to suit many applications. A range of colours and branding options allow us to provide a unique and professional presentation. Additional options provide even more versatility, allowing you to customise your ideal case. See for yourself why so many people come back and recommend Hofbauer for plastic cases.