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Light Weight Cases

Give your back a break and opt for some light weight cases from Hofbauer. Whether you’re travelling across the world or visiting local customers, lighten the load with a light weight plastic case. The damage from straining with heavy luggage isn’t always noticed until it’s too late and lasting issues have been created within the joints.

Another benefit to opting for light weight cases is that it’s a great money saver in the long run, especially if you’re a seasoned flyer. By saving on weight with your case itself, you’ll have plenty more room for other items and won’t get strapped with any hefty costs when you get to the airport.

The selection at Hofbauer isn’t only confined to standard cases; you can find a myriad of different case types including presentation cases, boxes and surgical supply cases. Whatever you need to transport, we have the means to accommodate it safely and securely.

As standard, our products come:

  • In a vast array of hundreds of standard sizes (Thermodyne lightweight cases)
  • With bespoke designed interiors that will ensure the contents are appropriately stored and don’t move in transit
  • In a cost-effective price range, with made-to-measure lightweight cases (Polybox)
  • In streamlined, aesthetically-pleasing designs (Xtrabag)

Additionally, we offer a number of personalisation options when it comes to your light weight case purchase, including screen printing and logo moulded lettering. These allow you to represent your brand whilst on the move, with expert professionalism at all times.

If there’s a product you require but cannot find on the Hofbauer website, or you’d simply like to discuss the options available further; contact us today and one of our team will be on hand to answer any of your queries about everything from aluminium cases to small flight cases.