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Water damage poses a risk to a number of valuable items. It can cause issues ranging from the spoiling of their appearance, to completely destroying them and rendering them useless. At Hofbauer UK Ltd, we offer a range of waterproof cases to keep your samples & equipment safe and secure in the event of them coming into contact with water. Whether you get caught in the rain on your way home, or accidentally spill a glass of water onto it, stay one step ahead and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing the contents inside will stay free from damage. Today, we will take a look at how waterproof cases work, the variety of the range we offer, and will discuss why they are so vital when travelling.

How do waterproof cases work?

All our waterproof cases stocked on our website are manufactured with an O-ring gasket seal. These are less prone to failure than other forms of waterproof seals and offer a tight and leak-proof way of sealing your case shut. The external material of our cases is made from extremely durable and hardy plastic and metal, giving a waterproof plastic enclosure to the objects stored inside. This provides an extra layer of protection, as no water is able to be absorbed and seep through the case into the contents inside.

Our range of waterproof cases at Hofbauer UK

At Hofbauer UK Ltd, we offer a range of cases depending on what you need to transport. For instance, our Peli laptop cases are a trustworthy and secure way of transporting your laptop, an item that is particularly prone to damage with even the smallest amount of contact with water. These are fitted with double safety locking latches with keys for extra security, the aforementioned O-ring seal, an automatic pressure equalisation valve, stainless steel hardware and a comfortable rubber handle for use in transport.

Another more niche yet popular option of our waterproof cases is the wine carrier case. This durable case has space for eight bottles of wine and is perfect for those transporting vintage and valuable bottles. This will protect your bottles from water that can damage and even destroy the labels of bottles of wine, while keeping their temperature stable with the foam-lined interior.

We also offer waterproof flight cases, to keep your valuables safe while you travel between destinations. These come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them suitable for numerous purposes. While some are large enough to carry items such as musical instruments and heavy equipment, other are equipped with wheels and a handle to make them as easily transportable as a normal suitcase. The difference with these cases, however, is their air-tight seal to keep any water out, and their extra hardwearing material.

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