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How can branding help my business?

Creating and keeping a strong brand for your company is important for making your business recognisable. Customers are drawn to reliability, and strong branding that looks polished and professional is exactly what wins customers over. Also, strong branding usually guarantees future business as people are more likely to invest time and money into a company that appear more valuable.

Luckily, a little effort goes a long way and simply by attaching your brand to the items that you carry around with you every day, you can subtly but successfully promote your company 24 hours a day. Case branding is guaranteed to get your business stuck in the minds of everyone you meet whether that’s strangers on the street or potential clients that you’re networking with.

Case branding

Self-promotion is one of the crucial keys to success when owning a business, however, it can also be the most difficult. Shouting in people’s faces about how great you are can be awkward, so why not let your cases do it for you? Once you’ve decided on the appropriate design to represent your business, we can transfer this design with the information you require onto your cases.

From then on, you can let your cases do the promotional work for you.

Here at Hofbauer, our customised printing for cases will effectively show off your business whilst you are on the move. Our branding service aims to provide you with high quality customised branding that brings your company to life and grabs the attention of potential new customers.

We have a number of different options for case branding including:

  • Screen printing
  • Resin domed full-colour labels
  • Vinyl labels in colour
  • Application of brand’s artwork to casing
  • We offer a bespoke set of options to suit a range of industries, including sales, presentation, health and safety, identification and product branding.
  • Our Thermodyne military transit and flight cases can be moulded with a permanent ID.
  • Professionally engraved nameplates available in a variety of colours. Marking flight cases with your ID is especially handy so that your transit case can always be identified without you having to open the case itself.


So why not aim for the luxury branding that your company deserves? To strengthen your company’s branding today through high quality customised cases, get in contact with us today. We are happy to discuss your case branding options for your presentation, transit or flight case, to ensure that you get exactly the case you are hoping for without compromise.