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When travelling, it is easy for possessions to become damaged in the process of moving. At Hofbauer UK, we understand that an average suitcase or laptop case sometimes isn’t enough to keep your belongings secured, which is why we are committed to offering an extensive range of heavy duty cases for you to choose from before you travel. Today, we will look at two examples of our high quality and sturdy cases – our laptop cases and our shipping cases.

Heavy Duty Laptop Cases

Laptops are extremely valuable possessions. Not only can they cost a lot financially, but they can also hold sensitive and important data for your personal or professional life. When travelling, especially when taking trips on aeroplanes or trains, your laptop may become vulnerable to physical damage. With our heavy duty laptop cases, you can rest knowing that even if your case bumps against a fellow passenger or object, it will be protected from harm. The external material of these cases is specially manufactured to be highly durable, with a hard casing that can withstand and absorb any shocks. These cases are also equipped with dual locking safety hatches, keeping the contents inside safe from prying eyes.

Heavy duty shipping cases

Our range of heavy-duty cases are suitable for transporting any goods that require an extra level of protection. Their impact resistant material means even on bumpier journeys, the belongings inside will remain intact and in one piece. They are suitable for use across a variety of professional sectors, such as radio and broadcasting where transportation of expensive machinery is required, and in transporting objects in the military. Alternatively, you may simply be a business executive who wants the comfort of knowing that your equipment or demo samples will arrive at your destination exactly as you packed them. Regardless, we have an option in a number of different sizes, colours, and styles available for you.

What do we offer?

At Hofbauer, we are confident in the high-quality standard of protection that our heavy duty cases will provide you with. For this reason, we provide lifetime guarantee on all our cases. Our website hosts a variety of different transportation cases and devices, such as plastic moulded cases, waterproof cases, foam inserts for cases, aluminium cases, cases with wheels, and more. Whatever your specific requirements, we have an option available that will get your belongings safely to their destination.

Hofbauer has a leading reputation as Europe’s top manufacturer of Extrusion Blow Moulded cases. The two-wall design of these cases provides a protective air-filled casing, which will absorb any shocks the case receives on impact. We have over three decades of experience, providing us with the knowledge to know exactly what your goods require during their transportation.

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