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One of the great things about technological development within the flight cases industry, is how far we have come from the very first suitcases and small flight cases. Whether you’re looking for a small aluminium flight case, or a larger plastic shipping container, we are sure to have exactly what you need here at Hofbauer. Today we’re going to focus on four great benefits that you can gain from our range of lightweight cases.

Easy to Manoeuvre

As stated, we have come a long way from the days of dragging around heavy suitcases without any wheels! These days, wheels are a given, but having a lightweight case can be another revelation when it comes to transporting your equipment. Lightweight luggage means that it is much easier to manoeuvre, whether you’re rolling your cases through an airport, carrying it onto a plane, or lifting it off the carousal on arrival at your destination.

Weight Restrictions

Weight restrictions can be a nightmare to contend with, but having a lightweight case can lift the weight of this worry off your shoulders. Most airlines will offer a maximum weight of around 23kg (50 lbs). Whilst it’s possible some airlines can make exceptions to this rule, you will most likely only be able to exceed the weight restriction by paying a penalty fee. By having lightweight luggage, this could prevent you from incurring these additional charges. Furthermore, if you don’t usually have an issue with sticking to the weight limit, it will offer you more room for any heavier belongings. Whether you want to take more with you, or expect to bring gifts and souvenirs from your trip, having a lightweight case could be a lifesaver.

Better for Your Body

No matter how used to heavy-lifting you are, having lightweight luggage makes it a lot easier on your body when you need to carry it. By using lightweight cases, there will be less strain on your body. In turn, this can also make you less tired and less susceptible to any physical aches and pains that you may find yourself with when travelling.

They’re Still Hardwearing

Despite the lightweight properties of these cases, they are still made of strong stuff. They are a highly durable options that are hardwearing and robust. So, why get a heavier case, when you can have all the same benefits in a lightweight model?

Our Range

Here at Hofbauer, we have a number of different types of lightweight cases, these include the Thermodyne Containers (450 + sizes), Peli Air (10 sizes) & Flitebag Astro (made to measure). Explore our website to find out more details about our range of lightweight cases. Available in a wide selection of sizes, making use of bespoke designed interiors, we can also customise your case with screen printing and logo moulded lettering.

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To discover more about our lightweight cases or any other items, please complete our online contact form, or email us at Alternatively, to speak to a member of our team directly, you can call us on + 44 (0) 1452 309782. We will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have for us.