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Blog > > Custom foam inserts: 4 key benefits you need to be aware of!

Custom foam inserts are created taking into consideration the demands of each individual customer’s needs, they can be made to measure making them more specific and customised. The foam inserts have been designed to meet a variety of requirements, whether they are independent or industrial use and are ideal for transporting and shipping high-quality electronics.

Here are 4 benefits of foam inserts you need to be aware of!

1.Providing protection

Foam inserts are particularly useful if you’re transporting, storing or presenting valuable products/equipment. A custom foam insert design is based specifically on the items weight, fragility and the environment which it is handled in. They are cut precisely to fit the product, ensuring any impact is better absorbed, therefore reducing the likelihood of potential damage.

2.Packing is made quick and easy

Transportation is made much simpler. It is faster and more reliable, creating less waste than disposable wrapping. Similarly, flight case foam inserts are help to show how a product should be packed. If products are packed properly, it allows other users to understand how the equipment can be maintained and stored.

3.Product presentation

By presenting the product intact, a flight case foam insert maintains the impressive, professional appearance of the product, as opposed to the product becoming broken or modified during transportation or storage. As custom foam inserts are unique to the product, it can be displayed perfectly - similar to the display in a showroom or museum.

4.Custom foam inserts for industry

Foam for flight cases can be used by the government, military, commercial or industrial sectors. The enhancement of products can be beneficial for the different sectors in terms of them assuring the highest of quality is maintained at all times.

Sometimes, organisations perform drop tests; this is to generate ways in which electronic equipment can be improved and how to prevent unforeseen accidents. By utilising this, companies are discovering ways in which the foam inserts can be designed to protect electrical equipment or other products, all in all ensuring that the purpose of the flight case foam inserts are reliable and specific.

Are you looking for a reputation for quality?

Hofbauer, the case company have expertise in Custom foam inserts. They take advantage of advanced material and manufacturing technology. Because of the made to order service provided by us at Hofbauer, we make specific foam inserts that fit your electronics/ products.

Measurements are taken to create a precise foam case insert, this provides extra protection for your equipment & products, which as a result the chances of any damage are massively reduced.

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