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Cases with Wheels

At Hofbauer, we help keep the world moving by providing cases with wheels for our customers. Gone are the days of hauling around heavy cases, wheeled cases are easy to manoeuvre making travel light work.

We don’t just supply any kind of case; when you buy from Hofbauer, we only supply the best quality cases on wheels. This means you can expect your purchase to be strong and durable, so you can rely on using them time and time again. With more consideration to the distances you expect to travel with your flight case, we have a range of different wheel options including simple castors to free-rolling, built-in wheels.

Our full range of wheeled cases includes rack cases, Flitebag, Peli Protector cases, Polybox, Themodyne containers, and one specially made to carry wine. There are also many options when it comes to size and colour, as well as bespoke foam interiors, with the choice to customise your cases with your company logo.

For a shockproof case that functions in the most extreme conditions, you may opt for the Thermodyne ruggedized cases with a bespoke designed interior. Another very strong alternative that is very lightweight may be from out Flitebag range (including Astro, Enduro MAX /Pro) with the added bonus of being made from recyclable material. For added protection against water and corrosion, as well as extreme temperature, you could go for the Peli Protector cases that have the stamp of approval from the military and NATO, Def Stan 81-41 / STANAG 4280.

Polybox cases are lightweight flight cases that are customisable depending on your requirements as are Thermodyne containers which come in over 400 sizes, as well as a choice of 8 colours! Like our wine carrier case, these can be customised for your products & offer a variety of security options.