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When looking for the perfect cases for your business, to stand out from the crowd we offer bespoke branding services. Not only will it ensure you arrive for any business meeting with professionalism at the heart of what you do it’ll be easy to spot your case at baggage reclaim ! It’s great when first impressions count, leaving a positive lasting impression is of high importance. When thinking about branding your cases, there are numerous options for you. They are suitable for various industries and purposes, such as sales, presentation, and health and safety.

Screen Printing

A popular method of branding cases is to screen print your logo directly onto the case. When you do this, it’s possible to use between one and three different colours. You simply provide us with your artwork for your brand, and we will do the rest to ensure a perfect finished product.


When it comes to labels, there are a couple of different options; you can use either resin domed labels, or vinyl labels, both which are available in full colour. Vinyl labels work like stickers, attached to the surface of the case after the design is printed onto the vinyl material. Domed labels or badges’ as the name suggests offer a more three-dimensional feel with their slight domed shape. They are also very long-lasting and hard-wearing.

Name Plates

One of our most popular methods of branding cases is through engraved name plates. They can either be riveted to the case shell, or placed into a rebated slot. Whichever method is used will depend on the model you are hoping to brand. This ensures you can always identify your case within the need to double check inside the case. They can be made with a selection of different colours, using contrasting colours for the text and background to ensure it stands out.


When creating customised moulded cases to suit your requirements, particularly with our thermodyne military transit and flight cases, it is possible to have the case itself moulded with permanent ID. This happens during the manufacturing process, creating a case that’s entirely bespoke to you.

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To inquire about how you may go about branding your cases, please get in touch by completing our web contact form or via email at You can also reach us by telephone on + 44 (0) 1452 309782. We will be happy to answer your questions about case branding or any other area.