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Four Great Benefits of Lightweight Cases

Posted 10th April 2019 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

One of the great things about technological development within the flight cases industry, is how far we have come from the very first suitcases and small flight cases. Whether you’re looking for a small aluminium flight case, or a larger plastic shipping container, we are sure to have exactly what you need here at Hofbauer. Today we’re going to focus on four great benefits that you can gain from our range of lightweight cases.

Easy to Manoeuvre

As stated, we have come a long way from the days of dragging around heavy suitcases without any wheels! These days, wheels are a given, but having a lightweight case can be another revelation when it comes to transporting your equipment. Lightweight luggage means that it is much easier to manoeuvre, whether you’re rolling your cases through an airport, carrying it onto a plane, or lifting it off the carousal on arrival at your destination. Read more...

Everything you need to know about our Shipping Cases

Posted 10th April 2019 by Tim | Category: Blog Category - Company | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Here at Hofbauer, customers come to us for many different purposes, with one common goal in mind: to find the perfect case. Our speciality is creating extrusion blow moulded cases through employing a double-wall construction. Today we’re going to focus on the category of shipping containers, shining a spotlight on their history, their benefits, what kind of shipping cases we supply, and how you can customise your purchase.


Shipping cases were first designed by airline packaging engineers, and became known as ATA cases after the specification category. These cases were manufactured to withstand a minimum of 100 round-trips. You may have also heard the terms transit cases or flight cases, which are also other names for shipping cases. The first shipping cases were constructed in order to protect musical instruments, motion picture equipment and audio and lighting equipment. However, these days they can be used for a variety of applications where any sensitive equipment requires the safe transportation between different location, especially where items may be handled roughly by baggage-handling staff. Read more...