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With Our Custom Cases, Even the Most Awkwardly Shaped Items Will Arrive at Their Destination Safely

At Hofbauer (UK) Ltd, we specialise in the provision of hardwearing and extra-protective cases for your belongings. We offer a wide variety of case types that are suitable for almost any purpose. For when your items need care that a generic case cannot accommodate for, however, we provide custom cases. Today, we will be taking a look at the different services we offer within our custom case products, which cases these are applicable to, and how they will provide your valuables with improved protection.

Our custom case services

Once you have chosen your desired case, there are several additional features you can request to have installed into your case. For extra-delicate items, such as musical instruments or glass vials filled with scientific samples, our anti-vibration service could be exactly what you need. By reducing the impact external and physical shocks have on your case, the items inside are prevented from moving around and becoming dislodged or damaged.

We also offer tiered storage options, for when you want to maximise the space within your case to hold more individual items. For instance, you may be a makeup artist who needs to transport a large quantity of small items. With tiered storage, you can keep your belongings neatly organised, each with their own compartment that prevents them from jostling around in the case’s empty space.

For cases needing an extra level of reinforced strength that may be too heavy to carry by use of a handle, we can install a strong set of wheels to the base of your case. This will take the load of the weight off your shoulders and can help you move between destinations at a faster pace.

Another popular service we offer here at Hofbauer (UK) Ltd is the provision of custom-made foam inserts. When transporting delicate and fragile items, even the slightest bump of your suitcase can cause damage, or even cause them to break. Foam inserts help to absorb the physical shocks your case comes into contact with and cushions your valuable belongings when in transit. Keeping items safe and snug in their desired position, they also make for a more attractive presentation style, should you wish to display your belongings in their case.

What cases do we offer this customised service for?

Our custom cases are available for many purposes. A custom laptop case will ensure that your personal or work laptop arrives safely while you travel, considering its value both financially and in terms of the data it stores. Custom flight cases, alternatively, will protect your belongings when travelling by plane, which can be an unpredictable and bumpy form of travel. Whatever your personal needs, we can adjust our custom cases to you.

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