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Whether it’s a top of the range laptop or professional work equipment, travelling with expensive belongings is always a worrisome process. Luckily, there are people out there who have your back. Here at Hofbauer, we produce the highest quality aluminium cases to protect your equipment including an aluminium flight cases with plain foam or specially cut foam. Our aluminium tool cases are specially crafted to ensure the finished transportation trunk is exactly how you need it to be. This means that where needed, flush fittings, extra handles, castors, locks etc. can be built into the aluminium case to ensure optimum protection to your equipment. Aluminium cases are also made to measure, keeping your equipment entirely secure from A to B to… wherever else you want to go! The cases can be light-weight or heavy duty and can be fitted with different interiors to match your own requirements. So, even if it’s simply a small aluminium flight case that you are looking for, we have you covered. So, get yourself an aluminium flight case and eliminate the anxiety of travel today! Whether it’s a small aluminium case, an aluminium case with foam or an aluminium carry case, we really do have it all.

Flitebag Aluminium flight cases

Our Flitebag range is constructed using the highest quality materials with each case being created exactly to your individual specifications. Every aluminium flight case is handmade in England to suit whatever equipment you plan to carry inside of it. Foam interiors, bespoke handles, a choice of colours and a number of other extras can also be added to suit your requirements.

Our Flitebag options include:

Flitebag Astro

This lightweight flight case features panels fabricated from structural polypropylene honeycomb; an advanced material offering exceptional strength to weight performance. Astro cases combine aluminium edge frame and reinforced corners to provide highly durable cases of the highest calibre. This innovative concept offers benefits over more conventional flight cases and is guaranteed to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Flitebag Enduro

The Flitebag Enduro is uniquely constructed using rigid, double-walled, honeycomb panels in either aluminium or polypropylene with a hard ABS laminate finish. This entirely new construction system provides both a high level of strength and a dimensional accuracy previously not known within the traditional case making industry. The eye-catching design of the Flitebag Enduro alongside its durability makes it far superior to conventional flight cases.

Flitebag Enduro Rack Case

This unique flight case is constructed using rigid, double-walled, honeycomb panels in Aluminium or Polypropylene with hard ABS laminate finish. Its construction draws on elements of aerospace technology to ensure optimum strength and protection to your belongings. The design of the Flitebag Enduro Rack Case proves that cases can be highly durability whilst also being light and easy to handle.

Flitebag Pro

The high-quality of the Flitebag Pro is ensured during construction by using only the finest of materials including birch plywood, faced with thermoplastic high-grade laminates, aluminium edges and steel knuckle corners. The interior of this case is custom-built to suit whatever you are transporting, providing long-lasting, total protection and security in transit.

Flitebag Pro 19 Inch Rack Case

This impact resistant, hard wearing 19-inch rack transit case is suitable for all needs from light use to the toughest heavy-duty applications. Flitebag Pro 19” rack cases are custom built from a range of durable 6-20mm rigid plywood panels and finished with hard wearing laminate or stucco aluminium surfaces – guaranteed to protect and secure its contents.


So, give yourself peace of mind whilst travelling and get in contact with us today to get your custom design quotation.