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Here at Hofbauer, we provide our clients with all the kind of cases one could possibly require. Today we’re going to look at our aluminium flight cases, considering their properties and how they could benefit you on your travels.

Aluminium frames

Our flight cases are constructed from high quality aluminium extrusions which adds to the cases overall strength and durability. The aluminium extrusions are cut to size, the chosen astroboard, laminated ply or aluminium panels are slotted and affixed into these to make a very tough case to your bespoke size


Our use of aluminium for our cases means that it is highly non-corrosive. This is due to the fact that when its surface is exposed to the atmosphere, it forms an invisible layer of oxide skin that provides protection. As a result, it is resistant to weathering, including in industrial atmospheres that will corrode other types of metals. Although some alkalis are one of the few substances that could risk corrosion of aluminium, this material also has the advantage of being resistant to many different acids.


Aluminium cases are adaptable and suited to a multitude of environments and situations. Moreover, the ratio of strength to weight is higher than most common grades of constructional steels hence why it is widely used in the aero industry. This enables cases to be made that are both strong and lightweight, which is ideal when you need to move around a lot with your case and its contents.

Range of Cases

Those cases included in our aluminium range include the Flitebag Astro, Flitebag Enduro, Flitebag Enduro Rack Case, Flitebag Pro, and Flitebag Pro 19” Rack Case. These different aluminium equipment cases offer a different design suited to a variety of purposes, and each are customisable to your specifications.


For each case, it is possible to provide you with a case that is the correct size required for any electrical equipment, instruments or apparatus even when they are an irregular shape, or if they have intricate parts that could be easily damaged. Whether thinking about preventing damage from the outside or the inside of your case, at Hofbauer, we have you covered.


As well as being versatile, we also have the additional option of including foam inserts. These are designed to be bespoke to your specification in order to offer additional cushioning and protection of the contents in your case. These foam inserts are particularly useful for equipment that has several small parts that are best fixed in place to prevent any damage from movement inside the case from rubbing and brushing against other parts inside the case.

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