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Blog > > 5 Industries That Would Benefit from A Peli Case

Jobs that involve a frequent level of travel – especially travel that includes flying – require a set of sturdy cases to ensure that the gear inside remains in the state it was before it left the ground. Peli cases work to protect your contents – whatever they may be – wherever the case has to be taken.

Here are five industries that would benefit from utilising Peli cases in their day to day luggage carrying:

TV and Radio

TV and radio crews who have to lug excessive amounts of equipment all around the country, or even the world & need to ensure that everything arrives in one piece – lest they end up unable to record the footage that they’ve travelled for.

This can prove incredibly costly as – as you can imagine – TV quality cameras and radio quality microphones do not come cheap. The information saved for these recordings, whether it’s video or audio files, will also be stored on precious laptops and memory devices, making a Multi-Laptop Case an ideal purchase.

Emergency Services

Naturally, the emergency services are going to be carrying some – quite literally – life-saving equipment upon their person, and often have to travel great distances, or into dangerous terrains to treat or rescue people. This equipment needs to be adequately guarded by a strong casing, making the Peli case range perfect – available in a variety of over 40 sizes and 6 colours.


Military equipment is very sensitive and can be incredibly dangerous if handled badly, or allowed to pass into the wrong hands. Therefore, it’s exceedingly important that it is protected at all costs, with a Peli carry case that is robust enough to prevent people from breaking into it – even withstanding the weight of a vehicle being driven over it.

Sub-Sea Divers

If the equipment for sub-sea divers is in any way tampered with, or knocked around until damaged, it can result in life-threatening consequences: a diver needs to know that their gear is completely fool proof before travelling down into the depths of the sea.

The Peli Storm is perfect for withstanding the harsh conditions around the sea, and its waterproof, virtually unbreakable casing will ensure that nothing untoward happens to your equipment before the dive.


There are a number of reasons why a police officer or detective would benefit from having a Peli case about their person, for example, keeping sensitive equipment inside a weather resistant container would ensure it’s protection & with a purpose designed interior would insure it being replaced after use, ready for the next operation.

Hofbauer are a proud supplier of Peli cases for a multitude of purposes. Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements and our specialist advisors will endeavour to unite you with the perfect Peli case solutions for both you, and the industry you work within.