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Cases with Wheels

We cannot imagine a world of cases without wheels. At Hofbauer we stock a wide range of options, including briefcases on wheels, wheeled laptop cases, wheeled cases and flight cases with wheels.

Our cases are strong, durable and reliable with a variety of wheel options to suit the distance travelled, from simple castors to free-rolling built-in wheels. Most of our wheeled cases are available in numerous sizes and colours and can be customised to suit your individual requirements, such as inscription of a company logo or addition of foam interiors.

Read on to discover our range:

Amazon ruggedised rack cases are shockproof and designed to function in extreme conditions and can include an optional EasyGlide frame.

The Flitebag range (Astro/Enduro/Pro) is an exceptionally strong yet deceptively lightweight set of cases made from fully recyclable material. They have a high strength:weight ratio as well as secure butterfly clasps for increased protection of valuable equipment in all environments. They are also easy to manoeuvre with recessed handles.

Our Peli Protector Cases are waterproof and corrosion proof, resistant to an extreme temperature range and come with a lifetime guarantee. They are often used by the military and NATO. As the name suggests, our Peli Storm cases are virtually unbreakable and built to resist the most extreme conditions.

The Polybox range is a lightweight flight case that can be entirely bespoke designed with a wide range of fittings.

Thermodyne Containers with over 400 sizes and 8 colours are incredibly strong, moulded to order cases that have a high strength to weight ratio especially suited to air transport, also come with multiple security options.

Our particular favourite is the 8 bottle wine carrier case ensures easy manoeuvrability with its pull up handle while protecting your valuable cargo!