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Here at Hofbauer, we know how important the contents of your case are, no matter what you’re transporting. The stakes are even higher when we consider the significance of cases carrying fragile equipment. Whether computers and electronics, medical and surgical equipment, or military equipment, we are sure to have the right equipment case for you. There’s always a risk of physical damage when travelling, whether by land, sea, or air. The longer and more arduous the journey for you, the more so for your cases, which will almost certainly see some rough handling throughout the course of the journey. To guarantee any damage does not transfer onto your goods inside the case, opt for one of our equipment cases.

The Basics

To have peace of mind when shipping or transporting your equipment, we have a vast range of different options. These include the following: Dimension Case, Enduro MAX Case, Enduro MAX Tool Case, Flitebag Astro, Flitebag Pro, Flitebag Pro 19” Rack Case, Maxibag, Megabag, Minibag, Multibag, Peli Air, Peli Cases, Peli Micro Case, Peli Storm Case, Polybox, Quantum T Case, Technobag, and Thermodyne Containers. Each of these will ensure the safety and security of your contents whilst travelling.

The Best for Everyday Protection

The Quantum T is one of the most versatile equipment cases, and is suitable for everyday use, offering the aesthetics of a regular briefcase. Unlike your regular briefcase, it will completely protect its contents within the city rush hour and beyond. It is reinforced to provide industrial strength, compete with ergonomic design, making it perfect for the storage of your equipment to ensure its safe transportation.

The Best Large cases

The Thermodyne Containers, Peli Storm or Flitebag Pro are the best options for transporting large items of equipment. They are made from tough durable materials and feature precision machined interiors to suit your requirements. Their robust design can be combined with wheels to make bulky or heavy items easy to manoeuvre.

The Best Lightweight Options

The HofbauerMinibag, Maxibag and Xtrabag are all great options for when you need a level of protection alongside portability. Constructed from more lightweight materials, these are recommended for technical professionals who design a case with both strength and style.

The All-Rounder

For another versatile option, with all-round pleasing capabilities, go for The Polybox. Durable, portable, and professional, its flexible construction is able to deflect damage on both short and long journeys. Examples of its uses could include anything from exhibition equipment, medical devices, or service packs.

Contact Us

Still not sure? For more information on our range of equipment cases, get in touch with the team through our web contact form, or via email us at You can also call us on + 44 (0) 1452 309782 to speak to a member of staff directly. We will be happy to go through your options and advise you of the best equipment cases to meet your requirements.