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We all know the challenges we face and the general stresses that comes from packing equipment for transit, making sure that everything is safe and secure in its case. It is especially difficult, when we go further afield than our homeland and we face hours or sometimes days of separation from our equipment & personal belongings. All the time we hope that our equipment & luggage won’t be lost, stolen, mistakenly identified as someone else’s property, or mishandled and damaged. If we feel this way about our clothes, sunglasses, toiletries and swim suit, how much more so when we have to transport valuable and delicate equipment. We feel the pressure still more acutely when we are transporting sensitive equipment associated with our work and chosen profession. This kind of luggage definitely deserves the VIP treatment during transport. And what better way to travel in style, then with Hofbauer’s custom instrument cases and aluminium instrument cases.

There is always the concern, that no matter how much you express the need for care and attention to your belongings, you always run the risk when you hand it over to the airport personnel, they are not going to be able to give your cases the delicate touch they need and that you requested. Especially considering the thousands of personal baggage and instrument cases the staff work with day after day. In Heathrow, there are an average of around 1,300 combined landings and take-offs each day. There are 90.7 people on average in each flight. Considering some of us tend to take more than one case, you can only imagine how much luggage passes through Heathrow every day.

That being said, there are ways to ensure that even with ruff handling, whether due to negligence or just pure accident, your belongings and work apparatus are kept as safe as possible and are less likely to be damaged. With some of these robust instrument cases, there have been reports and instances when people have lost valuable equipment during a natural disaster, and they have turned up months later with the contents still in working order.

Our Aluminium instrument case can protect your goods once you each your destination. As you commence your business overseas, or while traveling from place to place, you may encounter climates that differ to what you are used too. While you make take some time to adjust and feel comfortable in your surroundings, the aluminium instrument case is built to deal with all weathers without losing it’s strength, waterproof and airtight properties.

Here are just a few examples of the options available. The Xtrabag and Multibag can be provided as small cases that are perfect for housing all of your smaller electrical instruments, as well as making an ideal display case for market presentation. Whereas the Flitebag pro are more like flight trunks and can carry heavier equipment and instruments. Whatever it is that you need to transport you can be sure Hofbauer have an instrument case to fit.