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Waterproof Cases

Waterproof Cases

Water has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to many goods, particularly electrical equipment if it causes a short circuit. Replacing what’s damaged can often be costly or, in the worst cases, even impossible. However, with our waterproof cases here at Hofbauer you have nothing to fear. Whether it’s a knocked over glass or getting caught out in the rain, you need never worry about your case getting wet again.

We stock an exceptional range of waterproof cases suitable for almost any application. All our cases are manufactured with moisture and dust protection, thanks to an O-ring gasket seal with an automatic pressure release valve, meaning that no water can ever get in. Some of our cases are especially tough and durable, such as our corrosion-proof Enduro Max cases which are routinely used for industrial applications in harsh environments.

As laptops are particularly valuable pieces of equipment, we offer numerous waterproof cases to protect your laptops such as our custom-designed multi-laptop cases. These can be made from any of the case brands we stock and are available in a vast selection of sizes and foam materials. For single laptop solutions, why not check out our Peli laptop cases with their shock absorbing trays to help avoid damage mid-flight?

If you own a smaller piece of equipment you’d like to protect, our waterproof cases are also available on a small scale with our Peli mini cases. These little waterproof plastic enclosures come complete with a rubber liner, which doubles as the O-ring seal, making them ideal for keeping water out. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a circuit board you’re looking to keep safe, our Peli mini cases will do the job.

Our waterproof cases are extraordinarily useful. Contact us here at Hofbauer if you have any questions at all about our range. We would be delighted to answer your questions.