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Thermodyne Containers

THERMODYNE Containers are widely used in Aerospace parts shipping, Military, Oil & Gas exploration, Comms, Measurement, Medical etc.

Can you believe it? 400+ sizes and 9 colours all made to indvidual order!

  • Weight saving High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) for strength and easy handling
  • The HDPE moulded shell eliminates points of weakness or failure such as seams, fitted corners or riveted sections
  • Strength is intrinsic due to advanced plastics technology
  • Moisture & dust protection with o-ring seal
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Moulded-in locators for easy logistics & stacking
  • Protected, corrosion resistant fittings
  • Sprung metal handles
  • Secure metal catches
  • Tongue & groove aluminium extrusion with rubber o-ring seal
  • Security options - security hasps for padlocks or seals
  • Permanent ID moulded-in during manufacture - for life!
  • IP (ingress protection against moisture & dust) rating options
  • Wheels or castors available for easy handling
  • Approved to the rigorous Air Transport Association ATA300 Cat.1 and military specifications for assured quality and reliability
  • Vast range of fittings to suit all requirements
  • NATO approved manufacturer
  • Complete the package with a custom designed, precision made foam interior - for further custom interior options please contact us
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Thermodyne – Plastic Flight Cases, lightweight with exceptional strength

With its NATO and ATA approvals, a Hofbauer Thermodyne, HDPE, plastic flight case has to be a top choice to see your valuable or fragile equipment, parts or instruments safely to their destination.

Thermodyne lightweight flight cases, moulded to order, offer an advanced alternative to heavier traditional transit cases. The virtually unbreakable HDPE shell, O-ring gasket seal (with optional IP54 dust and moisture protection), moulded-in bumpers and high chemical resistance ensure that this plastic flight case delivers the protection you demand under the harshest conditions.

Military cases probably don’t come tougher than Thermodyne. Yet, durability isn’t at the expense of practicality. Unique Thermodyne design lets different sizes stack easily while heavy-duty caster wheels, fork-lift feet options and rubber grip handles ensure easy handling. Thermodyne even looks great!

Whether you need cases with wheels or the highest spec. military flight case, Thermodyne has customisation options for every possible plastic flight case application: Seven colours, bespoke interior customisation, engraved nameplates and moulded-in identification mark your Thermodyne custom cases as yours alone.

From –40 to + 70 °C, in pressurised aircraft holds or stacked outside in a tropical storm, your light and super-strong Thermodyne case won’t let you down.

This is one of our fantastic waterproof cases.


Over 400+ sizes!

Please click below for size chart:

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Black, yellow, red, orange, blue, dark grey (gun metal), white, silver/grey or military olive (NATO ref.: RAL6014)


Customised Interior (Click Here)

Permanent I.D. moulded into shell

Panel mounting facility

IP54 rating

Castor wheels

Security hasps

Variety of special fixtures & fittings

Engraved nameplates

Stainless steel fittings

Pressure relief valves

Roping points

Extra handles & catches

Choice of non-standard catches

Designed aluminium metal work for mounting or strengthening