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Shipping Cases

Hofbauer shipping cases are known for their durability. Helping protect delicate and important items through all stages of transport and delivery, Hofbauer shipping cases will keep things secure even during movement. Established in 1986, Hofbauer has worked to continually improve and perfect their shipping cases. Practical, well designed, and to the point, it is hard to go wrong with any of the products offered in the Hofbauer shipping cases line.

One of the top manufactures of secure plastic shipping cases, Hofbauer utilises moulding technologies and unique designs to provide the very best in protection for your items. Popular shipping cases include large flight cases, laptop cases, protective equipment cases, waterproof cases, military cases, a large selection of plastic shipping cases, and more. We also provide you with customised inserts as well as branding to make your case perfectly fit your needs.

Our range of protective case solutions includes extensive product descriptions and pictures. Exact dimensions are provided. Colour options are offered and you can request custom orders. Last but not last, all options for the shipping cases are included so that you can choose exactly what you or your company needs. Never take a chance again with your assets and purchase a case backed by a legacy of quality design.