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Sales Demo Cases

Are you a travelling salesman or woman looking for a carrying case that will protect your goods, where you happen to be working, or however you have to travel? Hofbauer have been providing sales demo case solutions for a multitude of industries for over 20 years, making us experts at uniting you with the ideal product for your individual requirements.

Whether you’re a salesman for tools, hairdryers or fine wines, there is a corresponding carrying case that will ensure that the product is ready for demonstration to potential clients, without chancing any damage to your product.

There’s nothing worse than arriving ready to perform a demo for a group of interested potential customers, to discover that you can’t show how the product works because it’s actually become damaged in transit.

Hofbauer offers a number of bespoke services for your demo case, allowing you to personalise the design of the inner case, where you can adapt the material to present your wares within the case itself.

This offers an air of professionalism, due to the sales demo case’s sophisticated, yet heavy duty appearance – showing customers that you truly care about the product that you’re selling to them.

Also available in an array of colours and sizes, it’s simply a matter of contacting Hofbauer today, where a specialist advisor can offer you guidance on the most appropriate case and set-up for your needs.