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Moulded Cases

At Hofbauer, we design and manufacture premium quality moulded cases for maximum performance. All our Blow Moulded Cases are made using high-quality construction materials. We offer a wide range of cases to suit every business requirement. Our Moulded Cases will guarantee to provide your equipment full protection, especially during transportation.

The wide selection of Moulded Cases that we offer includes Custom Carrying Cases. These can be designed to meet your individual specifications. Whatever shape, size, or style, we can create a Custom Case to suit you. We also supply Tool Carrying Cases which come with different options. What about the Peli Tool Case collection? These heavy duty Moulded Cases come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate your tools.

The double wall system that we use for our Moulded Cases makes them extremely durable. They don’t just look good - this design provides a shock air cushion to fully protect your equipment. The polypropylene plastic material is waterproof, chemical and impact resistant and is suitable to use in a wide range of temperatures.

What about the handsome Megabag? This Moulded Cases is not an inferior briefcase, it is a stylish, durable, secure briefcase which can be customised to suit you. There are many other cases for you to consider and you will find that our products represent some of the best-quality cases available of the market today.

Would you like to know more about our Blow Moulded Cases? You can fill in our online enquiry form today. You can also contact us now on + 44 (0) 1452 309782.