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Military Cases

Military cases are important pieces of professional baggage, where security and strength can’t be compensated for. Here at Hofbauer, we are proud to make high quality military shipping cases for the professionals who require them. We address the importance of providing maximum security for military equipment in our military case design process, and have aimed to create cases that are secure and safe in every respect. We offer a whole range of military cases, including Rack Cases with multiple compartments, flight cases and Thermodyne containers, all of them equally durable and dependable in their function.

All of our field service tool cases are highly protective, designed to overcome any problems that might occur when transporting military equipment. Each case has its own specialist features to assist in different circumstances and environments. Whether that’s easy access and protection from rough handling whilst on site, or portable designs for protecting equipment whilst travelling between destinations. All cases are designed to withstand extreme conditions including severe impact conditions and provide ultimate protection to items contained in the case. Specialist technology has been incorporated into the design of our military shipping cases to make them entirely dust, moisture and chemical proof.

Our range of military cases provide world class security, which is why they are used daily by military personnel all over the world. Take some time to browse our collection of military shipping cases and find the military case that best suits your needs, and provide maximum security for your military equipment today.