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Heavy Duty Cases

Hofbauer heavy-duty cases are superbly engineered, impact resistant cases providing maximum protection during service calls, field operations, long or short-haul shipping by commercial transport or other applications. Hofbauer heavy-duty cases are perfect for when there’s no room for compromise. Demanding clients in the world’s extreme environments stake their reputations on rugged cases, such as the world famous Hofbauer, Thermodyne, Peli and Enduro heavy-duty cases. There’s no room for compromise in military life, mineral exploration, broadcasting, and other challenging sectors. That’s why businesses like yours choose Hofbauer. What else makes our heavy-duty cases so exceptional?

Take for example, the heavy-duty Laptop Case. The design incorporates an open cell core with a solid wall construction – it is extremely strong, but lightweight at the same time. This durable case, along with its dual locking safety latches, provide unbeatable protection for any laptop. We are so confident in the exceptional quality of our cases that we offer you a lifetime guarantee. What about our heavy-duty Shipping Cases? This sturdy range includes protective equipment cases, large flight cases, waterproof cases and many more examples. Many of our heavy-duty cases feature a double wall design constructed from recyclable Polypropylene, which is known for its impressive durability. They are scratch resistant, high performance cases, which are manufactured to last.

For many decades, we have been one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-quality moulded cases. With all our experience and industry expertise, we will endeavour to select the perfect heavy-duty case for you and your business.

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