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Flight Cases

Flight Cases are an ideal choice for those who want to have comprehensive protection for their valuables while traveling. You can choose from a Flitebag Astro, a Polybox, Thermodyne or even a Peli Protector Case. You can also look into the possibility of having a custom flight cases made, giving you the ability to have something built around your exact specifications. We also offer a range of Plastic flight cases, aluminium and plywood flight cases that are designed to protect the most sensitive items on the road.

Combining the highest quality materials, an extraordinary attention to detail, and aesthetics that give you a timeless piece of luggage, Hofbauer flight cases / boxes / containers are built for a wide variety of purposes. Furthermore, you will find that with custom flight cases, there are options out there to suit just about any taste. The large inventory of sizes and styles are going to give you the ability to find a product that keeps up with your particular lifestyle. You can opt for a flight case with foam inserts that can protect virtually anything you can imagine. You can look into larger cases, as well.

Regardless of what you ultimately choose, you are getting something that is going to stand the test of time. You are getting something that can be stored with ease in a variety of locations. Our flight cases have the ability to travel almost anywhere. Even more impressive, these cases represent a highly cost-effective solution for protecting your items. Whether you are in transit, moving across town or travelling around the world, our custom flight cases are an option that is well worth exploring in greater detail.