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Equipment Cases

Expensive, delicate equipment can be difficult to transport. Especially when you have to leave any baggage or belongings in the hands of total strangers who don’t understand the fragile nature of your equipment. Purchasing from our range of hard shell equipment cases and hard shell shipping cases that are capable of keeping your items secure and safe from damage, will not only mean you can take these items with you, but it will mean you can relax more as you travel.

When traveling for pleasure, although it is inconvenient, it is not a disaster if on arrival we find our luggage is damaged. That is because the trip you have planned, does not necessarily depend on the items you have taken with you. But If your job or venture is dependent on you having vital equipment, then making sure your travel cases are strong enough to sustain any bumps and scrapes consistent with rough journeys, airtight enough to prevent damp and water vapour from damaging electrical equipment, and padded enough to keep the contents orderly and intact, is essential. That is what our equipment boxes and cases can do for you.

Whether you have equipment samples, medical equipment, small devices and electronic equipment, we can provide a custom equipment case for you. If you have several parts to your merchandise, you can choose hard equipment cases in different sizes from the same range such as the Flitebag Pro or the Flitebag Enduro.

For smaller goods and equipment, the Minibag and Peli Micro cases make an excellent choice. But as we can provide custom made foam inserts on all or any of our hard equipment cases, you can be sure that no matter what shape or size the product, it will be protected from damage within the case.