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Double Walled Technology

Double-Walled Cases

Here at Hofbauer, we understand the importance of security and protection when it comes to the goods you’re travelling with. Whether it’s a work laptop, or life-or-death surgical equipment; it all needs to get from a-to-b without a hitch.

This is why we developed products for such purposes, with advanced ‘double-walled’ construction, reinforcing the casing to ensure that no harm comes to its contents; wherever you may be travelling and in whatever conditions.

This double walled structure is created by forming a shock-absorbent air-cushion between two walls, with tough, impact-resistant Polypropylene. This means that, whatever your case encounters, it will have double the protection of a standard flight case or suitcase.

Not only can this be achieved on the actual body of the case you require, but it can also be incorporated into the handles, feet, catches and hinges of your case, making the entire thing completely durable. By creating this virtually-indestructible casing, you can be reassured that nobody can damage or access the contents.

The aforementioned material that these cases are manufactured from, Polypropylene, is renowned for its tough qualities, being able to withstand contamination from chemicals, solvents and extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the material is also recyclable, meaning that your purchase will be ethical for the environment.

All the Hofbauer double-walled cases that we have available in our store are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality procedures and protocol.

Our range of double walled case products include:

  • Megabag
  • Megabag TC
  • Quantum
  • Dimension
  • Citybag
  • Multibag
  • Mini TC

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