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AV / Broadcast Cases

Hofbauer AV and Broadcasting equipment cases are made to be extremely durable and protective for the easy and safe transportation of any type of equipment. Most of our equipment cases are reinforced with a tough aluminium edge frame in order to provide maximum protection for its contents with a high degree of impact resistance. We design each case to be versatile enough for any application, and we always pay special attention to maintaining fantastic security features to protect its contents. These AV equipment cases are easy to use and will keep all types of equipment secure during any kind of travel.

AV cases can be custom designed and constructed to fit any combination of obscure sizes, particular accessories and contents of many types, which makes moving your computer, audio visual, or broadcasting equipment a simple and efficient endeavour. All audio equipment cases are made to stylish, as well as functional, and our huge range of equipment cases come in a variety of styles and designs suited to fit almost any kind of logistical requirements. From light weight hand-held AV cases to heavy duty broadcasting equipment cases, Hofbauer cases are a great choice for professionals and amateurs alike.

No matter what you need to move, we have a case that will protect it. Each one of our AV and Broadcast equipment cases provide the highest level of protection and security with a reliable degree of consistency that you can count on across all of our products. Don't risk damaging your expensive equipment in a sub-standard case. Use Hofbauer, and transport it the right way.