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Aluminium Cases

Aluminium equipment cases

Hofbauer provide cases made from aluminium.

Why choose aluminium flight cases?

Of all the metal flight cases you could choose, you might be wondering, why aluminium? Apart from its none corrosive properties, the benefits of a case made to house your products & equipment lie in its ability to be made to the correct size suited to the individual needs of your electrical equipment, instruments and paraphernalia. Many pieces of apparatus are irregular in shape or have intricate parts which may be susceptible to damage, aluminium equipment cases can be built to accommodate these areas of concern.

Unlike some metals that may be used to create metal flight cases, aluminium actually gets stronger and more resilient in cold conditions, meaning that even in the toughest of conditions, you can rest assured your property is protected and safe from the environment.

What about other protective options and properties?

The aluminium flight cases provided by Hofbauer can also be fitted with bespoke foam inserts that provide extra cushioning and protection for your belongings. If you have a piece of electronic equipment that has many small bits and pieces that need to be broken down for storage, then the foam provided in your aluminium flight case will ensure that each piece will be safe from damage from an outside source, as well as avoiding any damage caused due to each part rubbing or brushing up against other more delicate parts of your devices.

An aluminium case with foam gives that added protection, giving you peace of mind that while your luggage is in transit it is safe and sound, secure and protected.