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Stock Cases

For goods and stock that you need to transport on a regular basis, we have a vast array of stock cases here at Hofbauer. Made of hardy, reliable materials, these carriers are capable of protecting your wears in a streamlined, manageable manner. It’s simply a matter of identifying which is best suited to your personal requirements?

Whether it’s the mini tool standard case, which is ideal for both tools salesmen, freelance builders & tradesmen, or the wine carrier case for you to present your selection for tasting sessions, we have something suitable for every instance.

Some of the stock cases are designed with clear materials, allowing you to present your stock without actually having to open the case. This can be helpful when you’re on the go with your wares, as potential customers can get a glimpse of the products on offer; perhaps prompting them to begin a conversation and potentially result in a sale.

We also stock a number of flight cases and quick ship cases for various purposes, such as laptops, instruments and equipment. Made of reinforced materials, these cases offer the peace of mind that your expensive equipment will remain intact, no matter how reckless the airport attendants may be with the cases!

Take a look at our range of stock cases and, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us - our team are always on hand to offer advice and guidance regarding your purchase.