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Rack Cases 19"

Hofbauer provide a range of 19” military-approved rack cases for a myriad of purposes – created to be suitable for NATO, MoD and DoD requirements – meaning they must be made of ruggedised materials that are virtually break-proof.

With anti-vibration aluminium rack frames, available in a variety of sizes suited to your requirements, these products are designed to withstand extreme conditions – from natural hazardous weather conditions to warzone territory.

Whether it’s shipping and transit, or simply the storage of vital IT servers and equipment, Hofbauer has a solution for you. With over 20 years of experience within the industry, we are adept at providing heavy duty solutions for ensuring the safety of the cargo you are traveling with, or sending off elsewhere.

Not only are Hofbauer 19” rack cases crucial for promoting the safety of their contents, they also help to portray yourself and your company as a reputable, professional unit. If you’re dealing with sensitive information or dangerous weaponry, it would be wrong to store it in anything but the strongest casing.

Available in a number of materials, colours, sizes and finishes, there’s something for every purpose within the product range. You can even colour code your casing to ensure it doesn’t get mixed up, and can be easily identified as your own, wherever you may be travelling.

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or wondering which case would be most appropriate for the goods you are looking to ship? Contact us today and one of our professional advisors will work to unite you with the perfect case solution for your requirements.