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Flitebag Astro

Flitebag Astro cases feature panels fabricated from structural polypropylene honeycomb; an advanced material offering exceptional strength to weight performance. Astro cases combine aluminium edge frame and reinforced corners to provide highly durable cases of the highest calibre. An innovative concept that offers benefits over more conventional flight cases.

  • The LIGHTWEIGHT flight case option
  • Manufactured using Astraboard, 7mm or 10 mm polypropylene sandwich construction.
  • Flight Case panels available in Red, Blue, Black or Grey.
  • Weighs 40% less than the equivalent thickness Laminated Plywood.
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Hand made to individual requirement
  • Massive range of fittings
  • All types of wheels, corners, handles, catches, shipping document storage etc.
  • ID your case with engraved nameplates or screen printed logos
  • Excellent surface finish - ideal for printed logos or name plates
  • Durable PP (Polypropylene) recyclable material
  • Complete the package with a customised foam interior - for further custom options please contact us
Please Contact Us for your custom design quotation.

Flitebag Astro – Flight Case – Lightweight Astraboard Panels with Solid Colour Finish

Flitebag Astro is a great choice when you need tough flight cases – and low weight to keep transit costs down. Fortunataly, Hofbauer understands that your reputation is only as good as another successful job – and your custom flight case. That’s why, from damage-defeating recessed fittings to custom inserts, every detail makes your life easier.

Do hand made cases come tougher? For peace of mind and convenience, Flitebag Astro flight cases come with sturdy handles, lockable security, telescopic trolley fittings and customisation to meet any shipping challenge. With durable Astroboard honeycomb panels, you get significant weight-savings and superb strength. What’s more, Marketing will be delighted by the wide range of colours, printing options and engraved nameplates for extra in-transit security – your custom made flight case protects your image as well as your equipment.

Wherever you’re headed, Flitebag Astro flight cases are perfect for applications as diverse as exhibition equipment, medical devices and service packs. Somewhere in the world, from oil exploration to electronics, a professional like you already counts on their Flitebag Astro flight case.

All Flitebag Astro flight cases are custom built to order – how will you specify yours?


Custom "made-to-measure" to give the perfect fit for your valuable kit & equipment.

This minimizes wasted extra volume which can sometimes be the case (excuse the pun!) with standard sized cases.


Black, red, blue


Customised Interior (Click Here)

Shoulder straps

Castor wheels

Security hasps

Variety of special fixtures & fittings

Engraved nameplates or screen-printed logo

Document storage etc.