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Equipment Cases

Your electronics, medical & surgical equipment, computers and military equipment exist in all shapes and sizes. Whether big or small, your items are valuable and should be protected at all costs. Whether you’re transporting your equipment by air, land or sea, you face the possibility of one risk: physical damage. Rough handling is almost guaranteed on a long, treacherous journey, and that is why Hofbauer is here to help. Over the years, Hofbauer has acquired a legacy of customer satisfaction and quality equipment cases.

Our rugged shipping cases are designed to minimise the shock and impact of rough handling. With our protective equipment cases, you can safeguard your valuable medical & surgical equipment, electronics and have a stress free journey along with the assurance that your valuables are safe. From equipment boxes, to durable cases, Hofbauer offers a wide range of products to choose from.

Our Citybag SL is a versatile solution for your most esteemed belongings. Reinforced with briefcase-like capabilities, industrial strength, and ergonomic design, this case is ideal for storage and safe transport.

For larger items, Thermodyne, Peli, Storm & Flitebag Pro are recommended. From their hard-built material to their precision machined interiors, they can soften the blow of rough, electronic handling, by air, sea, or land. Robust design is accompanied by transport wheels for ease of portability.

The Hofbauer Minibag, Maxibag & Xtrabag deliver the advantage of both lightweight construction, protection and portability. Ideal for technical professionals, these cases provide an unfailing, aesthetically pleasing design.

The Polybox is yet another product equipped with a range of versatile capabilities. Its durability, portability, as well as its professional and flexible construction, deflect damage, even on long journeys. Whether you require assistance with exhibitions, medical devices or service packs, this box will deliver without fail.

Browse our diverse and durable selection of high quality, technologically-reinforced equipment boxes and cases below.